Hi There! It's Mency

I was born and raised in the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. When I was twenty-two, I moved to the USA and my first venture was the State of Pennsylvania it was a small town called Mercersburg, and that's where I saw the first snow falling for the first time in my life, never I had experienced such a beautiful thing. From there my second venture was Connecticut and I've been here for the past twenty years.

My Spiritual Side

Well, something extraordinary happens to me in 2006 when I met the love of my life, Jesus Christ. Most people will get offended by this, but to me, it is the most wonderful time I have ever experience in my life so, I keep a journal or diary whatever you want to call it and write about things about the bible that are important to me, and wanted to share with others. This blog is located at www.theninth-hour.blogspot.com

My Family

I have two kids who are now an adult and a teenager, their names Chris "the handsome" and Anna "the princess".👫 These two kids are my life and the ones I live for.

My Crafty Creativity

Started when I was in high school back in my country. I decided to take a sewing class, there was that I created my first Apron. From there I had a really close friend, she was my neighbor, and her name was "Julia". She showed me how to knit and many other crafts as well. I stopped for a while, then when I had my daughter I started making dresses with the idea to open my first business making handmade clothes for children. I opened my first internet business back in 2002 and after four years I decided to close it because I was not making any profits. I continued having an urge to own my business but I decided to focus on other things that were more important to me at that time like work.

I started making jewelry back in 2013 while I was looking for music videos, I happen to find interesting videos about recycled paper jewelry, so I started doing this instead. I got an eye for glass jewelry as well and I tried to incorporate paper and glass together. I actually came out with really cool designs and I noticed that I had the talent to make more and more jewelry. I love crafts in general. I have done jean purses, body scrubs, lotions, candles, etc. I also love cooking. I've made different recipes from my country, from others as well, and things that I mix together and somehow it works.

But, Why Mency? You may ask

Well, Mency was a nickname that my family used to call me since I was a little girl. My real name is Carmen, so they took "men" and added "cy" don't ask me why It just happens that way.😄

Well, my life is a book and one day I will write about it and handle you a copy, but for now, this is all folks!

Hey! Stick around and find some interesting posts, and feel free to leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

Until next do,