Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Faceted Necklace Tutorial

I was looking for something to do in my spare time. I always have ideas about new handmade jewelry but this time I didn't, to be honest. So, I decided to go to the library and rented a book pack with a few interesting designs and happened that I had similar beads as the design in the book and I decided to venture, then a design came to be a beautiful glass and mother of pearl faceted necklace.

   You will need...
  • Flat head pliers
  • Cutting pliers
  • Round head plier
  • 160 Mother of pearl chips
  • 66 3mm glass pearls
  • 1 Toggle clasp
  • 2 Crimp covers
  • 2 Crimps
  • Two jump rings
  • .45 Beading wired
  • 1 Pendant

  • Use the cutting plier to cut two pieces of wires at least 12" inches each. Using the round head plier, insert the two wires into the crimp and twisted to make a loop. With the help of the flat head plier, close the crimp.

    Start stringing the 4mm crystal pearls into one of the wires. String 33 crystal pearls first, then add the pendant then continue with the remaining 33 pearls. At the end attach a piece of paper tape to prevent the peals from falling out.

    Start by stringing the mother of pearl chips into the other wire. Continue until all 160 chips are in. At the end attach a piece of paper tape to prevent the chips from falling out (if needed).
    At the end, grab the two wires again, insert a crimp, make a loop, and then close the crimp. Cut the excess wire.

    At each end attach the crimp covers in the place where the loops were made. Attach the jump rings on each side, and then attach the toggle clasp.

    Well Done! Now, you have made your own Faceted Stone Necklace!

    Video Tutorial

    Until next do,