Saturday, February 4, 2017

Salt Dough Beaded Necklace Tutorial

This necklace wascreated using the salt dough. I actually didn't see this on YouTube but on a book. I have never tried this before and I was very eager to learn and could not wait to do it by myself.

Ingredients needed to make the beads

  • Flour
  • Salt

  • Tools

  • Round head nose pliers
  • Flat head nose pliers
  • Wired
  • Food coloring

  • Instructions
    STEP 1 The instructions are very simple just rolled little balls from marbleized dough and pierced on two sides with a toothpick covered with flour.
    STEP 2 First, the beads are air dried on the toothpicks until they keep their shape (about 2 hours).
    STEP 3 Then the toothpicks are removed and the beads are dried in the oven.
    STEP 4 The beads are put back on toothpicks for the varnishing process.
    Tip: The toothpicks may be stuck into a piece of floral foam or something similar to keep them upright.
    *Important* The oven temperature should not exceed 250 F for colored dough or the colors will change.
    I did enjoy making this set, Let me know what do you think?

    Until next do,