Monday, April 3, 2017

Chandelier Earrings Tutorial

These earrings are fantastic! I love the way they came out to be. So far these ones are one of my favorites. I can wear them all day long. I did a green and purple color too. Because it was a time of giving, I gave them both to two friends of mine as a Christmas present.

You will need
  • 12 - 4 mm Acrylic beads
  • 12 - 3 mm Swarovski bicones
  • 2 - 6 mm Glass beads
  • 22 Flower separators
  • 24 Round head pins
  • Round head plier
  • Flat chain plier
  • 2 Ear hooks
  • Instructions

    Start by stringing the white 3mm Swarovski bicones to an eye pin using the round head plier. Cut the other side of the pin at least 1 inch and make a loop. Continue to do this until you have all 12 3mm Swarovski bicones completed.

    Continue to do the same to the 4 mm green glass beads until they have two loops on each side.

    Make sure all of the 4 mm beads and the 3 mm bicones are finished and done with one loop on each side.

    Start by taking the 3 mm bicone open the hook on each and place them on the first available holes in the earring pendant.

    Attach the 4 mm beads to the end of the 3 mm bicone hooks.

    Continue to do the same thing until all 4 mm beads are connected to the 3 mm bicone

    Place one 6 mm bead in the middle of the earring pendant as well as the other side. Attached the ear hooks on each earring pendants.

    Well Done! Now, you have made your own Chandelier Earrings!

    Video Tutorial

    Until next do,