Friday, June 17, 2016

Avon Inspired Necklace Tutorial

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make an inspired necklace by Avon. This necklace is very pretty and will go nice with a dress or blouse. Between adding and taking it took me two days to finish. I loved the way it looks with my white dress though!

You will need...

  • Round head plyers
  • Cutting plyers
  • Flat head plyers
  • Ruler
  • Chains of choice
  • Crimp beads
  • Buckles or any other end bead that might work for you
  • Flat head pins or extra wired
  • Seventy 4mm round glass beads
  • Ten glass square beads
  • Nine 6mm glass beads
  • Beading Wired
  • Jump rings

  • Instructions
    Step One
    -Start by inserting the nine glass beads into each flat head pins. Make sure to cut the flat part of the pin. Then roll it at least twice and make a strong loop.
    Step Two
    -Take the pearls that are already wired and start by putting them together using jump rings.
    Step Three
    -Now, start by doing the same thing you did to the pearls, into the square glass beads and separate them five by five. Put together five beads using jump rings, then another five the same way.
    Step Four
    -Attach the five square beads to the nine round beads in one side and another five square bids in the other side using jump rings.
    Step Five
    -Attach the chains, including the one with the round and square beads to the buckle using jump rings.
    Step Six
    -Attached 19 seed beads to one end of the buckle by going around the buckle with the wired inserting a crimp bead first then the seed beads. Pass the wired through the crimp bead and then close the crimp bead and cut the extra wired.
    Step Seven
    -Thread 70 4mm beads into the wired and repeat step six at the end to close the necklace.
    Here is the video...
    Love to hear your opinion!
    Until next do,