Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Remedies that Works

Well, these are a few of the remedies I grew up with. In my country in particular we had a lot of recipes that my grandma passed to my mother and it has being going on for generations. For example home made teas. Things that you might think are out of the normal to do, but these are not proven we just do them and they work out for us. With that being said it will probably might work out for you but you can try them for on your own terms.

Other than use it for many things and do your favorite lemonade; Lime helps fights dandruff. To use, cut in half and scrub into the scalp. Do this as often you like.

Other than clean & kill the bacteria on your meats and also helps to do a lot of cleaning shores; Vinegar also fights the athlete's foot bacteria and bad odor. To use it is very simple, just add the vinegar into a plastic container and submerge your feet. Do this as frequently as you can until you see improvement.

Garlic is good for many things and it is tasteful and for most people has a awful smell. Garlic is also a remedy for nail breakage. It will Help your nails to be strong and stay strong and also improved the growing process. You can apply it directly to the nail or put it in your clear coat nail polish regularly.

How about a cup of coffee? Well, coffee can be use as a scrub as well as astringent to fight pink eye. Make sure to use what's left after the coffee is brewed. To applied the eyes needs to be closed completely and while the coffee is there the eyes cannot be open until all the coffee is wash away with warm water.
Until next do,